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Top tenant confessions are revealed

Ryan - May 19, 2017

New analysis from Lloyds Bank Business Insurance Services reveals some of the most common tenant confessions for misdemeanors in their rental property.

The research suggests that 25% of tenants have caused damage to their property accidentally, with another 25% causing blockages to toilets and sinks.


12% of those asked said they have failed to pay rent or bills on time, with a further 12% admitting to smoking in their property – running the risk of fire and smoke damage.

10% owned up to causing noise disturbance, while 9% said that damage had been caused by their pets. Amazingly, 6% admitted to leaving their property unsecured, while 5% said that there property has in fact been burgled during their tenancy.

The top five confessions were:

  • Causing accidental damage – 25%
  • Blocking sinks/toilets – 25%
  • Smoking inside the property -12%
  • Defaulting on bills/rents – 12%
  • Causing noise disturbance – 10%
Top tenant confessions are revealed

Top tenant confessions are revealed

Hiding the truth

In addition, the research highlights the lengths that some tenants have gone to in order to cover up their mishaps and avoid having deductions from their deposit.

31% cleaned carpets themselves, while 29% repainted walls. 5% said they actually hired a professional cleaner to rectify damage!

Damien McGarrigle, Head of Business Insurance for Lloyds Banking Group, said: ‘The results highlight just how important it is for private landlords to have adequate landlord insurance which will protect them from a range of common problems, from break-ins and accidental damage to loss of rental income and plumbing issues.’[1]

‘We know many small scale private landlords with just one or two properties rely on regular home insurance to protect them, but this often falls short of covering the specific problems they could face,’ he added.[1]