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17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

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A new survey has revealed that one in five party guests would not admit to causing damage to a property during a Christmas party.

The research conducted by economy insurer GUARDHOG has found that three quarters of people looking to hold a Christmas or New Year get together fear that things could get out of hand!

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

According to the report, nearly half of those planning a party this December said that they were worried about too many people turning up. 20% said that they were worried about valuables being broken or stolen.

Only 11% were worried that too few people would show up, with 14% stating that the biggest chore would be tidying up the mess the following day.

17% of would-be guests to a party said that they would keep quiet if they caused damage, with 3% saying they would blame someone else!

49% said that while they would own up to the damage, they would hope that the host would claim on their insurance.

However, these honest guests could well be in for a shock, with 44% of hosts stating that they hoped they would cover costs for any damage. 20% of generous hosts said they would pay the bill, with 26% claiming on their home contents insurance.

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!


Humphrey Bowles, co-founder of GUARDHOG, said: ‘Renting out a property over the festive season can be rewarding, but hosts may be concerned their guests might be planning to hold a New Year’s Eve bash. GUARDHOG’s cover protects hosts and their homes in a variety of circumstances including accidental and malicious damage should guests overdo the party spirit!’[1]

[1] http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/finance/one-in-five-admit-they-wouldnt-own-up-to-party-damage.html



Don’t be a turkey to your neighbours this Christmas!

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Tis the season to be jolly and many of us will be welcoming friends and family into our winter wonderlands for a mince pie and glass of something festive.

However, while you are rockin’ around the Christmas tree, remember goodwill to all men and don’t annoy your neighbours!

Christmas Spirit

New data released from Co-op Insurance reveals what is most likely to turn your neighbours into The Grinch!

Results show that over two-thirds of the UK population wish they were lonely this Christmas, if their neighbours played loud music.

Other features such as inconsiderate parking (blocking a driveway etc), bad language and slamming doors were also found to be a surefire way of creating a Nightmare Before Christmas!

The full results of the survey are shown below-don’t be a turkey and take note!

Top 10 traits of a bad neighbour at Christmas
1 Loud music or television 68%
2 Inconsiderate parking 65%
3 Barking dogs 62%
4 Outdoor loud parties 57%
5 Bad language in or outside of the house 55%
6 Unsupervised children 53%
7 Slamming doors 33%
8 Neighbours pets roaming about your garden 31%
9 Bonfires, BBQ, chimenea smoke 28%
10 Ignoring your neighbours 27%


Don't be a turkey to your neighbours this Christmas!

Don’t be a turkey to your neighbours this Christmas!


Caroline Hunter, Head of Home Insurance at Co-op Insurance noted: ‘The research shows that playing loud music and making a lot of noise is a top bad neighbour trait, therefore it’s important to spare a thought for your neighbours this Christmas when hosting friends and family.’[1]

‘This is the season for goodwill after all and by showing a little courtesy it can ensure that you and your neighbours leave 2016 harmoniously and as friends rather than enemies. Whilst Christmas is a great time to really come together with friends, family and neighbours, sadly many people find themselves alone on Christmas Day, why not pop round for a cuppa, rather than simply sending a Christmas card, forging those all-important links in the community for years to come,’ she added.[1]


[1] http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/household/how-to-avoid-problems-with-the-neighbours-this-christmas.html


Property employees not angels at Christmas party!

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Tis the season to be merry…and for many of us, we save our greatest glad tidings until the annual work’s do.

With party season in full swing, new research has revealed how Britain’s workers across many sectors REALLY behave when outside of the office.

The (fully impartial) research suggests that those in the property sector are most likely to cause a snowball following their antics at the Christmas bash.

Ho ho..oh no

8% of property sector employees have admitted to being ‘sacked’ following too much fun under the mistletoe. One in ten said that they ended up on Santa’s naughty list when back in the office.

The rise of Facebook has been snow-joke for many of us property folk, with 1 in 5 employees facing a frosty reception with their other halves following an inappropriate picture or status from the party.

However, one in four of us look at the Christmas do as an excuse to use the romantic element of the festive season and tell a colleague that they fancy sharing a mince pie with them.

30% said that they have learned lessons from last year and as a result, will be less crackers!

Property employees not angels at Christmas party!

Property employees not angels at Christmas party!

Sector shenanigans

But before the property industry gets too much of a bad reputation, other sectors were also found not to be full of angels!


Those in the travel sector were found to be most amorous spirit, with a whopping 42% saying they have kissed a colleague at an office party, with one in four wished they could get on a plane the next day!

10% said that they were planning on getting lost in the snow this year as they couldn’t trust themselves!

Energy and utilities

14% of energy and utility workers made property professionals look like good little boys and girls, saying they had been dumped by their partner after one too many sherrys and misbehaviour at the bash. Another 14% are planning on using the Christmas party to tell another colleague that they don’t like them. Well, at least it saves on Christmas cards…

Marketing and Advertising

At least the marketing and advertising sector contains some wise men (and women), with 36% saying that they would drink much less year to avoid embarrassing themselves.

Christmas cheer

As a whole, the research revealed:

  • 26% have kissed a colleague at the Christmas do
  • 21% expect to do something embarrassing this year
  • 1 in 10 plan to tell someone they like them at the party
  • 26% said that they will drink less in order to behave themselves!

So there we have it. Property professionals should behave like those in the Marketing industry. Or maybe…just one more drink…