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Are councils holding up house building supply?

Опубликовано: January 4, 2017 в 12:20 pm


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The volume of new properties being built in England is rising, but builders have expressed concerns that they are being held up by planning conditions. This issue is more prominent on smaller development sites.

Data from the latest housing pipeline report from the Home Builders Federation and Glenigan reveals that permissions for 76,242 homes were given approval during Q3 of 2016.

In addition, the figures show that the total number of homes built to September of last year hit 289,011. With this said, the number of actual sites these permissions are on dropped.


Reports indicate that local authorities are giving permissions for an increasing number of large strategic sites. This is opposed to a mix of both size of type required to actually deliver more properties.

This is encouraging, but there are concerns that these permissions have lots of ‘pre commencement’ conditions attributed to them. As such, builders are not legally entitled to start construction until they are met-a process that can take months.

The Home Builders Federation has welcomed the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Bill, aimed at introducing a new process for agreeing pre commencement conditions. In addition, it has encouraged ministers to push further in limiting the number of conditions to help builders develop sites more quickly.

Are councils holding up house building supply?

Are councils holding up house building supply?


Moving forwards, the Federation has proposed that a range of site sizes and types should be allocated by local authorities. It believes that councils shouldn’t rely on one large site to meet their local housing requirements as it inevitable they will take longer.

In addition, the report notes that speeding up the time taken for builders to get onto sites and ensuring local authorities abide by the rules are key if more housing is to be delivered.

Stewart Baseley, chairman of the Home Builders Federation, said: ‘The house building industry is committed to building more homes but can only do so if it has the land on which to build them. It is encouraging that so many headline planning permissions are being granted but we simply have to find a way to unblock the system and reduce the time it takes to get a permission to the stage where builders can actually start building.’[1]

‘Construction work shouldn’t be held up by council officers getting round to approving designs for landscaping, playgrounds or ensuring developers are liaising with community artists. These could be agreed whilst infrastructure work gets started. Our housing crisis is too serious a threat to our future for everyone not to be pulling in the same direction. House builders are keen to increase output further but all parties need to work together if we are going to solve our housing shortage,’ Baseley added.[1]

[1] http://www.propertywire.com/news/europe/councils-england-holding-new-homes-built-says-hard-hitting-report/


Negativity around Housing and Planning Bill slammed

Опубликовано: May 24, 2016 в 9:08 am


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Leading land agent Aston Mead has slammed doubters skeptical on Britain’s ability to build one million new properties by 2020. This pledge is at the core of the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill, which gained Royal Assent this month.


A recent survey of owners and directors of 389 housebuilders across England uncovered plenty of pessimism around this pledge. 51% of those asked said that they did not feel that the target would be met.

Mr Adam Hease. Land and Planning Director at Aston Mead, said: ‘the danger is that the planning pessimists out there will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. A million homes by 2020 is perfectly possible-as the Home Builders Federation have stated quite clearly. But it will need conviction and commitment, as well as further government policies in favour of development and help to speed up the planning process.’[1]

‘We’ve already seen huge increases in output, with build rates on large sites doubling since 2010. There were more than 180,000 new homes delivered in 2014/15, with this year’s figure expected to be higher still. And by 2019 the big companies will be building double what they did six years ago. Now we need to speed up the momentum ever further, so that we ensure we reach the target of one million new homes by 2020.’[1]

Negativity around Housing and Planning Bill

Negativity around Housing and Planning Bill


Despite his belief in the scheme, Mr Hesse believes that the industry must see more land coming through the planning system. In addition, he wants to see more processes than support both big and small housing developers.

Hesse explained, ‘several significant advances have happened already. Brownfield sites will now automatically be approved for building, with £10m worth of funding to help local authorities prepare them. There are also plans to relax the planning rules for smaller house builders, enabling them to gain automatic planning permission on suitable sites. And changes to the section 106 agreement will enable developers to provide affordable homes to buy, instead of affordable homes for rent.’[1]

‘But it’s local councils-the largest landowners in the country-which will be key to the success of this project. They must get up-to-date housing plans in place, ensuring that they are robust and evidence-based. They should review their planning application process and the conditions attached to planning which represent such a major challenge for developers. Plus they need to streamline their planning processes and improve communication so that once approved, building can get underway quickly.’[1]

Concluding, Hesse said, ‘for their part, house builders are already investing in their supply chains and have taken on tens of thousands of new workers to ensure there is the capacity and skills required. All we need now is the conviction and commitment to carry it off.’[1]

[1] http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/property/planning-pessimists-slammed-by-land-agent.html