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Young Adults Less Likely to Own a Home than Ever Before

Young adults are less likely to own their own homes than ever before, according to research by the Institute of …

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Government Outlines Plans to Create a Single Housing Ombudsman

The Government has outlined plans to create a single housing ombudsman to help support the private tenants that are forced …

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Remortgages Surging in New Interest Rate Environment

The number of remortgages has surged by 41% over the 12 months between December 2016 and December 2017, from 28,400 …

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Rents Return to Growth Across London and the Rest of the UK

In January, every region of the UK, including London, experienced a rise in the average rent price. However, the rate …

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Number of First Time Buyers Reached Decade High in 2017

The number of new first time buyers entering the market reached the highest level (365,000) since 2006 in 2017, according …

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Almost 90% of Landlords would be Happier Letting Direct to Tenants

Almost nine out of ten (87%) landlords said that they would be happier letting their properties direct to tenants, rather …

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