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We present you with a unique perspective on today’s landlord issues to help you influence your tomorrow with insightful information and in-depth analysis. We publish comprehensive reporting on all landlord, letting agent and tenancy topics.

Our strength lies in our commitment in producing you high quality landlord news and articles.  Our team are driven by enthusiasm and creativity and knowledge who seek the latest property, landlord and financial content and source up to date information from business front-runners and leaders.

Whether you are a landlord, prospective landlord, tenant or letting agent we supply you with the latest trends, developments and changes in the landlord community every day.

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Rose Jinks

Rose Jinks


I am a copy and content writing enthusiast, fascinated by all things digital marketing. My background in fashion has led me to bring a creative edge to everything I do.

From social media and blogging to website content and copy, I have explored all avenues of the field, and found a passion and knack. Born the year the internet grew, I cite my love of all things online on growing up around a changing world.

Social media and blogging are second nature to me, and my writing flair comes from a vivid imagination and a love of books. I am always intrigued by what is going on in the world and enjoy providing news for others.

At Landlord News, I develop content for the ever-changing sector and ensure that it gets out there. The property market is an area that affects everyone, and the website provides insight into all that is happening in housing.

In my spare time, you can always find me on my laptop, reading a book, or at museums in London.

I would love to travel around the world and see my name on the cover of a best-selling novel.

Ryan Weston

Ryan Weston


My duties primarily include providing informative articles, assisting with social media requirements and working to improve SEO and digital marketing.

Writing has always been a big passion of mine from an early age and my love for writing continued throughout my academic studies.

Via a slight detour in working for insulation and pawnbroking companies, this thirst eventually led me to study for a degree in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University. Alongside being informative and a lot of fun, the course gave me a chance to improve and expand my skill-set in a number of written genres.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to utilise and develop my written technique throughout my employment. I have written on everything from health insurance to mechanical seals for online, print and commercial purposes.

Outside of work, I am responsible for assisting in the maintenance of a football blog. If I am not tapping away at the keyboard, you will find me listening to music, playing various sports or in the audience of an event. You will then find found me writing about it afterwards…


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