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The lettings fee ban consultation should be extended or suspended, insists ARLA Propertymark… https://t.co/ttChHhtoJN
Tenants are being savvy and securing lower rents ahead of the lettings fee ban https://t.co/VTXFpPgxJL #propertyhttps://t.co/CT0jlkX7jC
Older property purchasers are more concerned about the potential threat of Brexit https://t.co/n1IfxaCv3q… https://t.co/XytKKpCyaX
RT @JustLandlords: Significant tax proposals have been dropped from the Finance Bill 2017 at the last minute: https://t.co/551OyhHily #land
Which political party should student landlords and their tenants vote for? https://t.co/mWwf2W5YfK #landlordshttps://t.co/B35T2RIucF
40% of renters feel that the marketplace is both unethcial and ruthless https://t.co/xECZb39QKM #ukhousinghttps://t.co/LcrTOJ2PAb

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