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Keep on top of the key financial changes impacting the buy-to-let sector. How are interest rates affecting property? Has a lender changed their buy-to-let mortgage rates? What about tax alterations?

Check our finance news for the very latest.

Prospect of Interest Rate Rise Boosted Remortgaging in September, UK Finance Finds

The prospect of an interest rate rise, which was implemented last week, caused a boost to remortgaging activity in September, …

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The Value of Advice when it comes to Property Investment

By Paul Mahoney, Managing Director of Nova Financial  When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. To do your taxes, …

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First “Concrete Evidence” of a Buy-to-Let Slowdown Revealed

The first “concrete evidence” of a buy-to-let slowdown have been revealed, as landlords are selling off their properties and paying …

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Chancellor Urged to Scrap Stamp Duty in this Month’s Budget

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has been urged to scrap Stamp Duty in this month’s Autumn Budget on Wednesday 22nd November …

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Industry Reacts to Bank of England’s Interest Rate Rise

The property industry has been quick to react to yesterday’s interest rate rise from the Bank of England (BoE). The …

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Interest Rate Hike won’t Affect Average Homeowner

An interest rate hike won’t affect the average UK homeowner, according to a leading property market expert. The Founder and …

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Those with assets and financial interest in the rental sector should keep a close eye on buy-to-let news, in order to ascertain if they are making the most of their investment. Interest rates, mortgage rates being offered by lenders and tax alterations can all impact on rental yields and investment returns. Therefore, landlords and lenders alike should ensure that they stay up to date with all the latest finance news and information.